Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Let's talk medications shall we!

There are so many medications that most people with lupus take, some are for the disease itself and others are just to be more "comfortable" when dealing with the awful symptoms of lupus.  I take only one medication not lupus related and that is synthroid which is for my thyroid replacement hormone.  I had severe graves disease and had to get RAI to kill my thyroid, I tried the anti-thyroid meds first but I had bad side effects and could not tolerate them.  I take prednisone, doxycycline (new antibiotic treatment for lupus), protonix for stomach problems, bleeding, ulcers, nausea, tramadol for pain, vicodine for pain, excedrine migraine for migraine daily, (I take everything at least once daily), iron pills high dose for my severe anemia, zofran for nausea, benedryl to sleep, plaquenil for lupus.  I maybe be missing a few and depending on which doctor or specialist I see I have more for some issues.  I used to take two different heart medications but I am off of those now and those were due to severe graves.  Most of us with lupus collect autoimmune diseases we usually have more than one, and we get more over the years.  I am trying to stay off of methotrexate but I know it is in my near future, I am on antibiotic therapy first because it has less side effects but I am afraid that it is not working well enough.  A lot of people with lupus take methotrexate and other types of "prednisone sparing drugs" so they can get off of steroids.  Methotrexate is no angel and I am not ready to add another "dangerous" drug to my doses.  I am a lucky lupie because I am not being pushed on this drug, I am going to ease into, some people MUST go on it and do not have a choice.  This is why drugs like Benlysta are so important because we need need less harmful drugs to choose from, drug companies need to develop more less harsh medications.  Lupus is such a complex disease, probably one of the most complex because it can go into any part of your body without notice and destroy it.  Lupus does not follow any rules, and can go from mild to severe in days.  It still kills people, I know of quite a few people on many online support groups that have died due to the wolf.  Beautiful, kind, courageous, mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, people that add so much to so many peoples lives.  All of us take many medications, but some cannot be saved, some fight hard but lose their battle.  My love goes out to all those that have lost their lives and to their friends and families.  I tip my pill bottle to all of you lupies that have lost your battle.

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