Friday, October 21, 2011

Migraines and my head and doctors

Migraines, they are not a symptom of lupus or one of the criteria but they are one of the many pains that most of us deal with.  I get migraines daily, and I really do not feel like adding a neurologist to my list of specialists.  I take excedrine migraine every morning after I take my prednisone, but do not do this because it can cause your stomach to bleed.  I still have a headache but it is tolerable.  I also get this bad feeling in my head like pressure and if I don't lay down it gets worse, and I will get nauseous and vomit.  I have no clue why I get this bad feeling but it is always worse when I flare, when I am severely anemic or if my thyroid is off.  My thyroid has been level for a over a year, luckily that is easily taken care of unlike lupus.  I have described this feeling in my head to doctors and they are clueless, maybe it is part of my migraines maybe a neurologist is best to check this issue out.  I am just afraid of what another specialist might find, or if they would be willing  or unwilling to listen.  I have had enough bad experiences with doctors and I am delaying the awkward meeting.  Sitting on the cold examining table, Vulnerable, judged.  Wondering if I am worth his/her time, skills, testing, patience.  I have had one awful experience with a female doctor a rheumy, well it was more than once because I saw the woman on two different occasions.  I couldn't walk at the time so I can only imagine how badly she would treat a healthy seeming person.  Maybe I should only see male doctors, they don't usually decide to hate me at our initial meeting.  Although, I have had some excellent female doctors especially for female reasons, like pregnancy or a pap smear.  I think I would pick a male specialist as long as it is for something that does not require a speculum.  Maybe next time or the time after that or the time after that, I will speak to one of my doctors about my head problems, if I remember.


  1. Migraines may not be in the list of criteria but from what I have researched lupus headaches mimic migraines...I get them when I start to flare and have to take Vicodin to get them under control and sleep it off if i can in a really dark room. Have you ever looked into headache pillows that are full of herbs that you put on your head to help with them? they helped my daughters migraines immensely especially now that she is pregnant but she can't have the lavender in it unfortunately.

  2. Thanks for the idea, I will look into it. I use excedrine migraine, and my heating pad. I just wish they would go away!! Yes, I have heard of lupus headaches, but some people have told me this is argued, I do not a lot of lupies that get them frequently so I believe that they are def. lupus related. Mine have also gotten better since I started plaquenil. Thanks for your input and I will be purchasing a headache pillow!! Best wishes and gentle hugs!!