Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today is going to be a good day!

I am going to be positive today, I feel okay and I am going to make a conscious effort to have a good day.  I am thankful for my many blessings and today I am going to count them.  I usually do this on most days trying not to let my disease get me down.  I have a beautiful life filled with love and joy.  Healthy, intelligent, happy children, handsome, kind, loving husband, wonderful kitty (if you know him, you understand just how fantastic this rescued cat is), helpful, fun, sweet friends, great neighborhood (excluding one or two strange families).  The list goes on and one for instance, I have health care which is very important for someone with a chronic illness, my husband has a good job, my children go to a fantastic school (report cards did not come out this year yet so I may post differently later, he, he).  I am also very thankful that lupus has not gone into any major organs as of yet, fingers crossed it stays that way.  Today is a day I will reflect upon my many blessings.


  1. Good for you!! That's the outlook we have to strive for everyday, I know how hard it is when lupus never lets us forget we are sick.

  2. Thanks for your comment! I usually do have this outlook only when I taper down on my prednisone or get some bad news, then I feel depressed. It is so good to hear from others that have a mutual understanding.