Tuesday, November 15, 2011

When you have lupus but it's not lupus.

          I  have been running a fever on and off for a month, I was so sure it was lupus.  It has to be a flare or so I thought.  I decided because my fever went up to 102.4 I was going to call the nurse at my rheumy's office to see what to do about the situation.  I was so sure she would talk to my doc and tell me to get blood tests.  My call back was, no need for blood test, doc thinks it is not lupus related, go to your primary care doc to see what is going on.  Then it hits me, just because I do have lupus does not mean everything causing me discomfort is lupus related!  It seems so obvious, I have two school aged children, my husband had been sick last week, I am on two medications that lower my immunity, so why could I not connect the dots?  I am so used to being sick with lupus related symptoms/issues that I could not decipher between a virus and my disease.  

       If you look at the symptoms they are very similar  fever, pain in joints, weakness, it all sounds the same.  If you have no nasal congestion or cough why would someone with lupus think it was viral? We usually go years thinking we have viruses that wont go away, I know I thought this for a long time.  I would always tell my husband that I was just sick with something.  One of my doctors told me I cannot have a flu that many times in one year, and that the stomach flu, I thought I had 4 times could not have been.  The doctor told me there was something else going on, I thought the doctor just did not know my situation, so I explained it to him.  I had two small children that were always sick, I was just obviously getting it, over and over again.  DUH!!  And in the summer when no one else was sick, and the sun made me nauseous, and weak, and tired, and feel feverish??  Well, that was just the sun it makes everyone tired, right?  

      Now, that I have a lupus diagnosis I blame everything on lupus, it is my scapegoat.  We can have SLE and a virus at the same time, it is like magic!  Of course a virus makes my lupus symptoms worse, typing this hurts like crazy, wait or is that just the virus symptoms plus lupus symptoms? 

       My general prac. decided that it was viral and he said that if I still have a fever in 3 weeks time to go back and get blood tests done.  That is when we will surely know, if it is not gone what is wrong.  So, for now it is not lupus, I was so relieved!!  But why could I not come to this conclusion on my own, why did I have to call my rheumy?  Is this lupus brain fog, to forget about other things like getting ill an illness that goes away forever, never to return.  Of course you get other viruses but not the same one twice!  

       I guess I am perplexed by the shock, that I was completely unaware that it was/could be something else.  Although, aware of my medications that cause lower immunity this still did not cross my mind!  I wonder if any other lupies do this too?  Do we all struggle with knowing what is wrong with us?  Which doctor to see?  If this is not a lupus symptom but a flu? 


  1. Since I don't have a rheumy yet I see my gp regularly about everything, lupus related or not. I am total germaphobe with my suppressants that I even have a sign on my door. I want to smack the the kids for coughing on me and am a freak when people stick their fingers (hubby mostly) in my face! I think about Lupus all the time and how it affects me and my health, I don't want nor do I need viruses either! I take vitamins and so many darned pills that I dare a virus try to attack me:)

  2. Kristy, I just cannot believe that I did not put two and two together!! My kids seem to be sick on and off during the school year, last year I hardly got anything. I hope you stay healthy!! Thanks for reading and posting! Best wishes and gentle hugs!!